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Electronics manufacturing for humans

AISLER empowers agile electronics development by simplifying and speeding up electronics manufacturing services. We offer a wide array of electronics manufacturing services ranging from manufacturing bare prototyping circuit boards and stencils to fully-fledged assembly services for small and large batches. We cater to anyone in need of solving the challenges of modern iterative electronics development.

Our primary focus is to make electronics manufacturing accessible for everyone. A simple web-platform allows you to store, access and manage your projects, manufacturing data and respective orders. An order can be placed in seconds, not hours after a design has been uploaded. You get to choose from a wide range of electronic components provided by all major distributors which we make available to you with our own in-house component search engine. Our ultimate goal is to help you realize your business or hobby project and have you focus on the thing that matters most: getting your project built. We strive to make hardware less hard!

To ensure a timely and cost-effective delivery of an electronics project, an intelligent orchestration of the supply-chain is a key challenge. AISLER solves this by cooperating with certified manufacturing partners combined with dispatch and quality control locations in Europe (Germany) and the United States. With this approach we guarantee a deterministic and cost-effective delivery that is immune to local customs import hassles, import tariff problems, or supply-chain shortages. The AISLER manufacturing system has made us the leading company in the new and growing market of Fab-Less Electronics Manufacturing Services.

Become an AISLER Certified Partner

Did you know? We hate the word supplier! We seek close and intense relationships to combine your know-how in manufacturing with our competencies in lean-management and digital manufacturing. That’s why we like to call you a Partner! If you are a circuit board manufacturer, a stencil manufacturer or an assembly shop, become an AISLER Certified Partner and benefit from our large and ever-growing customer base.

Interested? Feel free to contact our Partner Manager here.